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2023/10/01-08: Tour report

The temperature continued to exceed 30 degrees until the end of September, but the temperature suddenly dropped and started to feel more like autumn. This will be a good season for the Tokyo Channel, as you can row without worrying about the heat.

I had to sweat a lot while paddling until September, but it's a comfortable season.

As long as the temperature is not low, the tour can be carried out even in the rain.

However, it's going to get colder from now on, so paddling in the rain will become increasingly difficult.

Tokyo Waterway Explorers headed towards Ariake.

We saw stingrays three times that day, but the customer was only able to see them once.

The transparency was pretty good, so I was able to see it quite clearly.

A limited tour for repeat customers to Hatsushima Island off the coast of Atami.

We ate seafood there and the sea conditions were calm, so we were able to enjoy a good travel experience.

It may seem like you are rowing far, but if you only look at the distance, the one-way rowing distance to the Tokyo Waterway A course (just below the Sky Tree) and the one-way trip to the island is almost the same.

Of course, this alone does not mean that it will be easy for beginners, but it was a well-challenged tour.

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