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2023/07/15-17: Three consecutive holidays tour

This three-day weekend, we held a variety of tours such as the Tokyo Waterway B course, night paddling, Haneda Airport tour, and Izu Peninsula tour.

It's been a hot summer in Tokyo, but the weather was slightly cloudy on Saturday, so the weather was unexpectedly tolerating the heat.

The temperature calms down at night, but if you push too hard, it gets a little hot.

It was beautiful at dusk.

Haneda Airport in the heat wave.

The south wind was quite strong, so it was difficult, but we had a great view of the airplane!

On the last day of the three-day weekend, we went on an expedition to Nishiizu.

There was no wind, but the remaining swell that had been rough for a while was so bad that I only kayaked into one of the caves.

Sharks surrounded our kayak in the offshore swell.

I couldn't go too far touring, so I enjoyed the sea of Izu with snorkeling and cave exploration.

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