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The meeting point of Tokyo Waterway Tour


Dear everyone,

Thank you for participating Tokyo waterway kayaking tour!

The meeting point is Ojima-Komatsugawa Park parking lot.

-Google Map

Please find my car "TOYOTA HIACE-RELAXBASE"

Land mark is two kayak carriers.



1-By train

Please get off at Higashi-Ojima station (S16), Toei Shinjuku Line.

・The rapid and express train doesn't stop at this station.

​・Please don't get off at Ojima station(S15) or Nishi-Ojima station(S14).

The exit is Komatsugawa-Exit. It's not Ojima-Exit.

There is a bathroom inside ticket gate on the ground floor.

Route search app:(Japan transit planner)






Please exit the ticket gate and turn left.



Please find 7-11 convenience store.

Please pass through and go straight.



Please turn right at the junction along the river.


You can see two orange bridges when you take about 5 mins by walk from the station. 


The parking lot is located between the two orange bridges.

My car is parked near the yellow toll gate.

Please enter from between the bushes at entrance.

Please don't go to yellow car barrier. It's  a car-only road.

2-By taxi

Please show the taxi driver the following Japanese address.

「江戸川区小松川1-7-1 小松川1丁目アパート前」

( Edogawa-ku, Komatsugawa, Ichi-no-Nana-no-Ichi)

You can see two orange bridges when you get off the taxi.

If you come here by taxi, please don't tell the taxi driver "Higashi-Ojima station" because most of guests are taken to the wrong place, so please be careful.


3-By your car 

Please check the following the official park website.

Please tell me if you come here by motorcycle. I'll tell you free parking lot.

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