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Guide you to

Tokyo waterways kayaking,

Sea kayaking & etc.  



The most popular tour! 


Tokyo waterway

night paddling



You can enjoy magnificent scenery which suits a surface of the water with sunset and night view with Skytree!




The symbol of Tokyo 


Paddle to Tokyo Skytree 



We will go on a sea kayak journey to Tokyo Skytree, a symbol of the city.

At 634 meters (2,080 feet), it's the tallest tower in Japan, and was designed in the image of a big tree stretching up into the blue sky.


Watching the landing airplanes! 


Tokyo Haneda airport kayaking tour



Let’s explore airport and landing airplane from different angles by kayak with the specialist! You will be able to experience a wonderful view, with the explosion sound of the airplane. Sometimes you can feel wake turbulence. 



Only for intermediate sea kayakers


Tokyo waterways explorers tour 



Let's explore Tokyo waterways over 200km!

We provide exciting kayaking tour for intermediate paddlers who plan to explore Tokyo from different angles.

Consultation is required.


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