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Notice of resumption of cancellation fee (from May 8, 2023)

Hi everyone.

This is Fukuda from Mio Kayak Adventures.

This time, we would like to resume the cancellation fee, which has been free since the launch of Mio Kayak Adventures due to the corona measures.

If you have a fever on the morning of the day (regardless of whether it is COVID-19 or not), we would like to apologize for the cancellation fee, so we have made it free.


・Free cancellation until the morning of the day

After May 8, 2023 (new customers):

・Cancellation up to 2 days before the tour is free

・ Cancellation the day before: 50% of the tour fee

・Cancellation on the day   100% of the tour fee

Dear Repeater:

・Free cancellation by 17:00 the previous day

・Cancellation on the day   100% of the tour fee

For those who have already applied or applied by May 7th, we will continue to offer free admission until the morning of the day.

Thank you for your understanding.

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