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What I want to share

Let’s explore Tokyo from different angles by kayak with the specialist!

You can enjoy magnificent scenery which suits a surface of the water with sunset and night view with Skytree. I will explain about myself and share experience of travel many places by kayak. After telling the basics, it’s time to start paddling kayak by yourself. The course is mainly quiet and local residential area, so you will feel the real atmosphere of Tokyo. The attraction of kayak is paddling with only your power and feeling great sense of accomplishment after you arrived at destination. I’ve been fascinated with that and continued kayaking about for 20 years. I want you feel that super feeling as the same as I feel and the view of Tokyo from Kayak will be unforgettable memory for you!

What is "澪(mio)"?

"澪(Mio)" is a Japanese word that refers to a waterway on which ships sail in rivers and the sea. In tidal flats, depressions cut by water from the river, and depressions where the sea bottom is cut off where seawater concentrates due to tide, are used as waterways for small boats. In addition, artificially dug as a waterway of a ship is called Mio.

If you have interesting about Kanji "漢字", plese check the button below.

About "澪(Mio)"


Takashi Fukuda

Sea kayaking guide

Being as outdoor guide especially with kayaking about for 20 years. I had gained experience as the guide in Hokkaido and Okinawa and traveled out of Japan more than 3000 km in total by kayak. Also I know special course in Tokyo by kayak from my experience as the guide here.

I am glad if I could share the attraction of kayaking to you through this experience.


Red Cross Water Safety Instructor

Advanced First Aid certificate given by FDMA

My Paddling records: "paddling World"

Paddling World

Masaaki Sugimoto

Multi outdoor guide, Outdoor race organizer

Kayaking and trail running multi-outdoor guide with a career of over 20 years. From that experience, he has been as trail running and outdoor race organizer.

Lives in Tokushima Pref, Shikoku.

Human powered plannning

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